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Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre - Herbs

Our Services

Our services:

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Our waiting room display of herbal medicines etc.

Veterinary Herbal Medicine
Herbal Vet - Putting the Patient First

Main Site
(over 600 pages of information and opinion): www.alternativevet.org

We offer consultations at the premises and visits to anywhere in the UK, for any species of animal. We are mostly asked to look after horses, dogs and cats but farm animals, exotic pets, birds, wild animals and others do feature. Areas most commonly visited are: The Midlands, the South East, East Anglia, Southern England, South Wales and the West Country. We have also visited patients in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France and Ireland.

We provide in-house homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, herbal medicine (herbs), aromatherapy (essential oils), Schuessler Tissue Salts, Bach Flower remedies, other Flower remedies, LASER therapy, Ultrasound therapy, Magnet therapy and natural diet work.

Advising on the feeding of wholesome, healthy, natural foods, which are suitable for each species, is the basis of every treatment we provide.

We also offer video consultations for herb vet medicine and other therapies, in support of local veterinary practices, for those who are too distant to travel, who live abroad or who cannot travel to us for other reasons. This service is also available for horses.

We run a major information site, which includes in-depth information on each of these therapies, at: www.alternativevet.org.

Office Hours:
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 09:00 - 17:00 (9.00 - 5.00)
Tuesdays 09:00 - 13:00 (9.00 - 1.00)

Herbs for animals: www.alternativevet.org/herbs.htm

Herbal Vet: www.alternativevet.org/herbal_vet.htm 

Herbs for Horses - Herbs for Dogs - Herbs for Cats - any species can benefit.

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Chinham House
Stanford in the Vale
SN7 8NQ (UK)
Telephone: 01367 710324 (International: #44 1367 710324)
Fax: 01367 718243 (International: #44 1367 718243)
also visit: www.alternativevet.org