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Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre - Herbs


Chinham House, Stanford in the Vale
Herb Vet Services

We accept referrals and second opinions

Herbal Vet - Putting the Patient First

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Herbal Vet

We are a Referral Centre and second opinion practice, specialising in Natural (Holistic, Alternative or Complementary) Medicine. This means that we communicate with your own veterinary practice, when seeing a patient for you, detailing our treatments. N.B.: We do not request reduction or cessation of conventional medication but we are willing to discuss this aspect of management with the client or the local vet on the case.

The therapies offered are: homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, chiropractic manipulation, aromatherapy, Bach flowers, Schuessler tissue salts, Laser, Ultrasound and natural feeding advice.

We are situated conveniently near the central motorway network, thus putting us within easy reach of London and of anywhere in South & Central England.

Mr Day holds a Specialist Qualification in Veterinary Homeopathy [VetFFHom].

We are also happy to refer cases on, to other specialists, but this service is more often supplied by your home practice.

We will work with any other professional, as part of a team, to try to enhance the prospects of a good outcome.

Our job satisfaction comes from success.

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Herbal Vet:

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Herb Vet - Putting the patient first

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Christopher Day - Holistic vet & Herbal vet

Herbs for Horses - Herbs for Dogs - Herbs for Cats - any species can benefit.

Chinham House
Stanford in the Vale
SN7 8NQ (UK)
Telephone: 01367 710324 (International: #44 1367 710324)
Fax: 01367 718243 (International: #44 1367 718243)
also visit: www.alternativevet.org