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Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre - Herbs

Dogs & Cats

Herbs for Dogs and Cats
Herbal Vet - Canine Merbal Medicine

Cats and Dogs make up the major part of our work on consulting days, at the premises

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Herbal Vet: Putting the Patient First

Cats and dogs are seen at the AVMC premises but we do also visit at home, on request. We offer various forms of natural medicine, including herb vet medicine.

Natural medicine, including herb medicine, is enjoyed by cats and dogs, who respond well, by and large. While no promises of success can ever be made, results can often astound. Many animals defy a poor prognosis offered by conventional appraisal.

Herbal medicine is a powerful form of medicine (along with its derivatives, such as Aromatherapy), so surprising results can and often do occur, even with very serious diseases but care is needed in their use and integration with other therapies.

The holistic discipline of a herbal vet means that all our patients have natural dietary advice and are offered chiropractic manipulation, as part of a holistic appraisal and treatment.

Canine & Feline Diseases

Cats and dogs suffer many complex diseases, as do humans. They have Cancer, Allergies, Urticaria, Atopy, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Auto-Immune (Autoimmune) Disorders, Colitis, Eczema, Epilepsy, Arthritis, Back Problems, CDRM and many others. Is this because of diet or environment anomalies, shared with us or is it because of the energetic bond that unites us to our pets and them to us? It may be a combination of these things.

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Herbal Vet: www.alternativevet.org/herbal_vet.htm 

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Herbal medicine is generally very safe but several warnings are appropriate:

1. Herbal medicines may fall foul of 'doping' rules, in sporting animals.

2. Herbal medicines may not always be compatible with concurrent drug medicine.

3. Herbal medicines can 'summate' with conventional drugs, leading to the possibility of effective 'overdose'.

Veterinary advice is essential. Off-the-shelf products may fall into some of the traps listed above.

Holistic Dog

Holistic Cat

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Veterinary Herbal medicine

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